COVID-19 Policy

As we begin to re-introduce in-person classes, we want to ensure that not only the health of you, your partner and our staff is priority, but also that of your little Weeberry-to-be! 


In September, we will be returning to in-person classes. In order to do this, we have instituted some changes to ensure our learning environment is as safe as possible from COVID-19. Here are some of the steps we have taken to make your class informative, fun, and COVID-19-free:

    • Our classes are returning to our home at 10C. Here we comply with all policies that they mandate. 10C COVID-19 policy can be found here.

    • We have reduced class sizes to four couples to ensure it’s easy to distance appropriately from others while in class

    • While in class, everyone is required to wear cloth face masks at all times.

    • When you enter the classroom, each couple will be designated to your own special ‘safe-zone’ that is yours for your time in class for all three weeks. These safe-zones will ensure appropriate social distancing, even if a classmate needs to leave to use the washroom. No one is allowed in your safe-zone except you and your partner

    • Everything you will need during the course will be in a bag waiting for you, all sanitized and ready for class. This bag will remain yours for the three weeks; no one else will open it, except you!

    • All activities will be completed within the safe-zone. This means you will be even better at things like swaddling, diapering, and baby-wearing, because you’ll be doing it without a table - just like the real world!​

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