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Guelph Prenatal Classes

42 Carden Street

Guelph, Ontario

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Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period can often be overwhelming, chaotic, and exhausting.  Elizabeth has a long-standing love of encouraging and enabling both moms and their partners to confidently understand and navigate this time. Having spent seven years as an Obstetrics Registered Nurse, five years as a Prenatal Facilitator with Public Health, and as a volunteer with obstetrics nursing in India, Elizabeth brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Weeberry.  Her personal experience of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, as a mom of two, brings authenticity and humour to everything she does.  Elizabeth is passionate about building a community that supports best practices and knowledge around pregnancy, birth and infant care. She is excited to welcome you and your own weeberry into this growing community!



Having three little ones of her own, Brenna knows first hand the challenges and joys of parenthood. She has a passion for helping others thrive in this precious phase of life. Working as an Obstetrics Registered Nurse for more than five years, and volunteering with community breastfeeding organizations, Brenna is grateful every day to be able to support new moms and their partners as they bring their babies into this world. As both a mom and health care professional, Brenna has first-hand experience with understanding how important a strong network of connections and community are to families.  She is passionate to share this experience by helping new parents build their own network of knowledge and support. She is always excited for any opportunity to help parents to feel confident and equipped to raise their own little weeberries; it takes a village to raise a child!



Wendy is committed to helping families achieve their breastfeeding goals. Her passion started as a midwife and then lactation consultant for 10 years in the hospital and community setting. Working with Public Health for over 14 years, she continues to fulfill this role, while supporting families in community breastfeeding clinics. She’s also passionate about helping families through their adjustment to parenthood as well as perinatal mood disorders. She has breastfed three children and understands both the joys and the challenges of parenting. Her knowledge, skill, and caring nature will guide you through this amazing time in your life.

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